Topic 1: Chemistry, Physicochemistry & Materials Science

Structures, reactivity, organic synthesis, molecular modeling, fundamental aspects, chemical analysis, spectroscopy, molecular associations, interactions, …

Vincent Chiang (North Carolina State University, USA)
Jean-Luc Wolfender (University of Geneva, Switzerland)


Topic 2: Biosynthesis, Genetics & Metabolic Engineering

Molecular biology, genetics, enzymology, gene expression and regulation, trafficking, biotechnology, horticultural science, molecular breeding, …

Yoshihiro Hase (Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan)
Mandy Walker (CSIRO, Australia)


Topic 3: Plant & Ecosystem, Lignocellulose Biomass

Plant growth and development, biotic and abiotic stress, resistance, ecophysiology, sustainable development, valorization, plant environmental system, forest chemistry, lignin, lignan, …

Gloria Muday (Wake Forest University, USA)
Laigeng Li (Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, China)


Topic 4: Food, Nutrition & Health

Food ingredients, nutrient components, functional food, mode of action, bioavailability and metabolism, food processing, influence on food and beverages properties, cosmetics, anti-oxidant activity, …

Paul Kroon (Institute of Food Research, UK)
Hideaki Hara (Gifu Pharmaceutical University, Japan)


Topic 5: Natural Medicine & Kampo

Oriental traditional medicine, herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, folklore, mode of action, metabolism, natural products chemistry, drug discovery,

Pengfei Tu (Peking University, China)
Ikuo Saiki (University of Toyama, Japan)


Topic 6: Tannins & their Functions

Condensed tannin, hydrolysable tannin, Tea, Wine, Persimmon, seed-coat color, mode of action, enzymatic reaction, …

Takashi Tanaka (Nagasaki University, Japan)